About Us

Pronto USA was set up to distribute the highly desirable Pronto products from S. Korea to the US. Pronto is the premiere Korean stroller and wagon designer in the world and bringing you the most innovative and stylish baby products.   

The Pronto One is the hottest stroller in Asia and Pronto is the leading stroller manufacturer in S.Korea.  Due to the high demand of the Pronto One, it has taken some time for this product to reach America. The wait is over!  This innovative stroller is coming to you in 2019.  It is the all-in-one baby and toddler transport system for a growing family. 

If you are impressed with the Pronto One, the products and designs in development will blow your mind when released. This is the brand that you want your precious children to be riding in!

We are setting up a dealer network to provide you accessibility and the best customer service throughout the country. Contact us if you want more information.