Frequently Asked Questions


What are the main merits of the Pronto?
-Easy open and close without removing any seats, tray, basket or canopy
-High weight limit of 176lbs
-Smooth as butter push and handling
-Many color choices
-Stain resistant material for easy care and maintenance
-Many accessories to use for all seasons and conditions
-Chic and stylish 

What is the difference between the Pronto Version 1 and Version 2?

The Pronto Version 1 has 3 spoke wheels, manual lock, less storage and gloss paint finish.

The Pronto Version 2 has 5 spoke wheels, more ball bearings for a smoother push, autolock, extra mesh storage in the back basket, and a matte scratch resistant paint finish.

Why is Pronto called Pompolarr in Korea?

Korea originally released the Pronto version 1 as Pronto in Korea.  Due to trademark issues, they had to create a new name Pompolarr when they release the version 2.  For the US, we decided to keep the name Pronto and we trademarked the name Pronto for the US market.

What’s the difference between the Pronto in the US and the Pompolarr in Korea?

They are identical except the base body fabric in Korea is all black.  Also, they only have 4 colorpacks to choose from.  In the US, we have the gray body fabric and 13 different colorpacks to choose from. 

What’s the difference between the padded and the cool bum liner?

The padded liner is 4 times thicker than the cool bum liner.  It’s a cotton pad with an outer cover that can be removed for washing.  The cool bum liner has a mesh bottom and is slightly padded.  It is ideal for areas that are hot and for kids who run a higher body temperature. 

How do you care for the liners?

For the padded liner you have to remove the cover and wash in a gentle cycle with mild detergent and cold water. Air dry.  For the coolbum liner, you can throw it entirely in the wash.  Launder with mild detergent in cold water on the gentle cycle.  Air dry.

 How do you care for the Pronto fabric?

Most stains can be spot treated with a baby wipe.  Also all fabric can be removed from the Pronto to wash.  Care is the same as liner; wash in a gentle cycle with mild detergent and cold water. Air dry.

What is the weight limit on the Pronto?

176lbs in the US. In Korea it passed for 220lbs 

Is it easy to swap out the fabric colorpack?

YES!  Ridiculously easy.  You can also mix and match different colorpacks to customize your own look.   

What is the difference between the wind and the rain cover?

The rain cover is brown and made of a wrinkle free plastic and completely water resistant.  It also provides warmth.  The wind cover is gray, partially water resistant and made of a canvas like material.  It blocks the wind and provides warmth.

What is the zipper underneath the canopy for? 

That is to ensure the perfect fit when you install the blackout kit or the mosquito net.  Please refer to the Pronto instruction manual or our IG prontousa for a video on the blackout kit installation.   

Why are there two sets of toggles on the rear of the canopy?

One is to roll the extra flap of cloth that hangs down after opening the pee-a-boo window.  The other is to roll up the blackout kit or mosquito net when you are using them but don’t want to completely remove.

How can the Pronto be used with an infant?

The Pronto can be used with an infant mainly as a bassinet.  You can place a small dockatot or a boppy to place the baby in.  Older sibling can sit on the opposite side provided that they can be trusted to not kick the baby.  Once the baby can sit up on their own, they can sit in an infant insert/booster or just sit in the stroller strapped in.

My kids are heavy, how can I make the push smoother?

Always place the heavier child over the bigger wheels to ensure the best push.

Do older kids sit in the Pronto?

Yes, because of the basket/bassinet body, older kids can sit in the Pronto.  Many older kids (5-10) love to sit with their younger siblings!  Sometimes moms sit in the Pronto too. 

How many kids can sit in the Pronto?

There are 2 designated seats with a 5 point harness, but in a pinch 3-4 kids can sit in the Pronto together.

Is the Pronto All-Terrain?

The Pronto is a luxury stroller with wide wheels.  It can handle all hard and uneven terrains even compact sand.  It is not meant for the beach though because there is no pull feature.  Many moms have said that it performs better than most strollers that are advertised as “all terrain.”  People have compared the push on the Pronto to high end strollers like the Bugaboo and Vista.

Is the Pronto allowed in all amusement parks?

Yes, absolutely because it is a stroller.  There is no pull feature, the canopy, tray and fold are like a stroller and it is only marketed as a stroller.  Moreover, it is classified and imported only as a stroller into the US.

Can you travel with the Pronto?

Yes, absolutely because it is a stroller.  It is also recommended to travel with the Pronto with a travel cover.

Can tall people use the Pronto comfortably?

Yes! The telescoping handle extends out and customers who are 6'5" have stated that it was comfortable to push.

Can short people use the Pronto comfortably?

Yes!  The bassinet is low for easy access...also with the handle on the lowest setting it is comfortable to push.  Many little people use the Pronto and find it better/easier to use than traditional strollers.

What is the difference between the melange fabric colorpacks and the non-melange colorpacks (ginger pink, ginger yellow, stone gray, and black)?

The 9 melange colorpacks are less padded but are more stain resistant.  The material is identical to the material used on the Pronto body.  The non-melange fabrics (ginger pink, ginger yellow, stone gray, and black) have more cushioning, are softer to the touch and vibrant in color.  But they are less stain resistant.