Our Story

Pronto USA was started by parents (Eddie and Ellisa) with two little girls (Nadia and Lydia). The company was birthed from necessity for a convenient double stroller system for a family on the go. Not only did Eddie hate disassembling and loading and unloading their traditional strollers, but he did not like the fact that Ellisa wanted a new stroller every other month to meet the new needs of their growing girls. Wasn’t there a stroller system out there that was easy to open and fold and adapted with your family? Wasn’t there something versatile with a high weight limit that wasn’t too heavy for a family on the go? And maybe something that was functional and yet stylish and chic?

Finding this perfect stroller seemed far fetched until their friend let them borrow their stroller wagon from Korea for a family trip to Hawaii. This stroller wagon was not what they envisioned, but opened them up to the possibility that the unicorn of strollers would be out there; most likely in Korea. Ellisa began to search and a whole world of strollers opened up. As she researched, she discovered that double strollers were completely obsolete and replaced by stroller wagons. South Korea’s population is well known to be sophisticated, trendsetting and early adopters of the latest, greatest products; especially in baby gear. Many companies actually test products in South Korea to see how successful they would be in the US. Only the absolute best gear will survive the exacting scrutiny of the South Korean consumer. In this rigorous baby product test bed, Ellisa noted that the stroller wagon that was getting the most glowing reviews was the Pronto.

The common sentiment was that the Pronto was hands down the best stroller in every way. Not only was the Pronto 
innovatively designed by German and Korean engineers and crafted from the best materials under high quality control, but it was functional, versatile and had all the qualities that parents wanted. Ellisa found her unicorn.

Eddie being in the automotive industry for over 20 plus years knew a good set of wheels when he saw one and decided to import the Pronto and obtained the exclusive rights to distribute in the US. Eddie and Ellisa named the Pronto V2 the “One” because it would be the only stroller a family would ever need and the rest is history.