Our Story

Pronto USA was founded by Eddie and Ellisa after a vacation with 2 girls under 2 and realizing the need for a stroller system that would fit the needs of a family on the go. Most families need multiples strollers to satisfy the needs of their children and varying weather and life conditions. While on vacation, they took a 1st generation strollerwagon and realized how wonderful and life changing a great stroller can be. They were able to sleep, eat, change, rest and even avoid the weather in their cheap steel strollerwagon from Korea. They knew that they needed to start selling these in the US in hopes of making parenting a little easier.

They initially began by selling a very popular competitor of the Pronto, but they felt that something was lacking. The product was decent, but it wasn't of the highest quality and even became blocked from entry into one of their favorite amusement parks.

They searched high and low and found the absolute best stroller in Korea! They were excited about this amazing brand and product, but they were not sure how it would be received in America. In Korea, with a very low birth rate, parents want to buy only the best things for their children and quality is the key factor when considering baby products.  They were a bit apprehensive at first because the Pronto was going to be almost double the amount of the current strollerwagon they were selling.

They took a risk and the rest is history!  They introduced a top quality product with excellent customer service and the Pronto was well received.  Moreover, the Pronto won the prestigious JPMA and German Innovation and Design Awards.  Most rewarding, was countless families that have shared that the Pronto has been a gamechanger and made their lives more fun and enjoyable.  That is truly the award that the Pronto team is striving for!  

We are so happy you are party of the Pronto family and if you aren't, what are you waiting for?